Saturday, 28 February 2009

Edting Update

Now we are in the process of using the footage we have to create our opening sequence. It differs quite alot to our previous idea however the main plot is there. Editing a sociol realist drama is very hard because you are limited to the amount of editing you can do to the footage. It was quite hard to make the clips all run smoothly together because of the way we filmed the clips were a bit out of time.
We have to edit some shots to make it look good however we are not glomorising any shots by brightning/contrasting shots. Asher is now working on the music and that is going well we have lots of tester ones to come to a conclusion of the general sound genre we want to work on. Weve thought of mixing RnB with classical to find an obvous contrast that compliments each other well and in the end fits in with the scene. We will try and rythmical edit the music to go with the shots i think this will give the sequence a nice effect that will impact on the audiences reaction to the final piece.



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