Friday, 6 March 2009

Final Thought

Well finally we have finished the editing and added our final cut. There is still a few parts that could be improved such as the beginning more filters could be added to make it look less like a home video. I really like the smoking bit and the quick editing thats creates a jumping affect. All in all the end result is good and i'm happy with what we have achieved as a group. I can only hope the rest of the class agree.


Final Cut

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Film Title

We have decided on the title of our film and have chosen "Push."
we came to this decision by searching on an online dictionary for words associated with our film. Push is one of the words that came up.

We made the titles and the end title small sized and made the letters closer together to make them look pushed smaller.


Additional Shots

We have decided to film some extreme close up shots of drugs being smoked. We filmed the shots and uploaded the footage to final cut. We have incorporated these shots into our rough cut and made sure the cut edits were in time with the music beat. We now have to think of a title for the film and put it in a frame at the end of the opening sequence.

Catherine is putting filters and some lighting effects on the sequence.


Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I have completed the soundtrack for the film and it is on the rough cut. i used the keyboard piano function on Garageband to write a simple piano riff loop. I then incorporated a hip-hop club style dance beat. The contrast between the intentions and tone of the video with the simple, calm soundtrack is very effective. Although not as violent, this is similar to the following scene in "This is england" (2006) Danny Boyle.

In this clip the music is very calm and emotional. This is juxtaposed by the horrific violence and shocking language used in the scene.
This is where i got the idea of the style of music from, however not an as extreme as the above clip.


Monday, 2 March 2009


Here is our rough cut it still needs quite a bit of work...

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